Balter - with enjoyment.

If you live in Australia, actually no, even if you don’t live in Australia you can probably recognise

the Aussie craft beer company - Balter.

Balter was founded in the Gold Coast in March 2016 by renowned surfers Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Bede Durbidge, and Josh Kerr. It is obvious now that the team was quite clear about the fact that their celebrity status would only take the brewery so far, and that the product and brand needed to not only stand on their own two feet, but be remarkable and memorable. Knowing this, they brought in Stirling Howland as a Co-Founder and Brand Director for Balter. Stirling had great success pre balter days when he worked at Billabong and was the man behind some very successful campaigns, including: “I surf because…” and “Life’s better in boardshorts.”

Okay, enough about Balter history, let’s focus on the Balter brand - in short, they have nailed it! The vision is as real and authentic as it comes, and the attention to detail on all things brand and marketing has been on point from day dot. As a result, Balter’s brand is simple, identifiable and they’ve been thorough in connecting with their consumers from every touchpoint.

In Australia, and around the world, there is a growing beer festival culture and a huge demand for craft beer. Balter was one of the few independent breweries that made cutting through the influx of craft beer production look easy. At beer festivals, music festivals, markets there can often be a saturation of breweries competing for the attention of consumers, yet, you will always find a Balter tent or stand with a line of people waiting to get their hands on a Balter can.

So how come they have been so successful? Well, in short, Balter has always stayed true to its brand, even after being bought by Carlton & United Breweries the company still stands by their original brand message and promise of “good beer, with enjoyment” and it is still brought to you by the same team that started it all back in 2016 - nothing has changed, and no, not even the beer.

On top of all of this, it is simply a great looking brand.. It literally makes people that don’t drink beer want to drink beer or at least be seen with a Balter beer. If that’s not a great brand then we don’t know what is!

Finally, in case you were wondering what Balter means, here you go:

To dance artlessly without particular skill or grace, but usually with enjoyment.