Judging a book by its cover

There’s no denying chocolate is a stable of most people’s houses - whether it be of the white, milk, or dark variety, everyone has a soft spot for the milky goodness that just simply melts in your mouth.

And if there is one company that knows chocolate then it’s the Noosa Chocolate Factory. For our non-South East Queensland readers Noosa Chocolate Factory is one of the best chocolatiers! Simply no questions asked. Their variety of chocolate is outstanding and truly delectable. So if you can’t reach one of the stores you can order online.

Though if we were to critique the factory we’d have to say it’s their branding/packaging that’s letting them down. If you think about it all sorts of businesses are putting money into their packaging these days, because as a society we’ve transitioned to be quite visual. Thanks to Instagram. And whilst you can look at it on one hand and say it should be the product that sells itself, then yes you would be right because usually most of their stock is completely sold out by 3pm. But we truly believe from a commercial point of view (and our mothers would hate us for saying this) but sometimes you do need to judge a book by its cover. We have become a superficial generation, think about it - when was the last time you purchased some sort of skincare or makeup product and thought in the back of your head of “this would look great on my shelf.” Don’t be scared to admit - we most certainly do.

I guess what we’re trying to say is it's important on how you look on the outside - especially when you're a boutique business who sells premium products for example Noosa Chocolate Factory. I know it’s sometimes hard to admit but investing in how your brand looks and how consumers judge your product/service truly is important.