Moving forward or backwards?

For those South-East Queensland fashionistas out there, I’m sure you’ve all heard of Brisbane-based brand, Sabo Skirt.

Started by two friends, Sabo Skirt has grown into one of Australia’s most successful online boutiques. If you’re like us and have followed the journey of Thessy and Yiota since 2012 then you’d know that their strategy has been a little unorthodox than of its competitors. Traditionally, if you had a bricks-and-mortar shop, then over the years with success you would have introduced an online store to reach a wider audience. Otherwise you may have started with an online shop and continued to stay online. But Sabo Skirt shook things up a bit. They started with an e-commerce store and then later opened a shop in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Even though their strategy may seem a bit backwards, they certainly have been on the forefront of all their marketing. When Instagram was in its early stages of life, they were pioneers in capitalising on its huge retail potential. In an interview with Business Chicks they credit the app to growing the brand and it’s huge successes.

We could see the marketing value in using all of our unique visual content on a dedicated photo app, so we started to use it as part of our marketing mix from an early stage. By using relevant, high-quality images that were unique to our brand, we were able to organically grow our Instagram profile to where it is today.

And not only has the brand grown exceptionally in the Australian market, it has also gained worldwide attention and even celebrity status, with their clothes worn by the likes of Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande. PLUS they’ve even shown collections at New York Fashion Week.

I think it’s safe to say that their non-traditional ways of running a business have certainly paid off!