No ordinary brand.

Some of you might know of Toronto-based beauty line The Ordinary. Most likely through referrals from friends but certainly not from ad campaigns or through IG influencers.

#TheOrdinary is a skincare and cosmetic brand that has taken a different approach from its competitors. Rather than investing huge $$ into a worldwide marketing campaign or “Instagram-worthy branding”, they have put their attention solely onto the ingredients. Its no-frills approach might seem unconventional, but what this does is allow the brand to create a product that is significantly more affordable than its competitors - and that itself becomes the best marketing strategy of them all. The product sells itself.

Their brand strategy is simple and straightforward - high-quality ingredients that actually deliver on results. But what isn’t quite so simple is their approach to “no fancy names”. If you are a fan of The Ordinary, you’ll know that they have plentiful products all focused on one or two key ingredients. And whilst most of us do our research before we buy our skincare, when purchasing The Ordinary you must conduct some serious research to know what you’re actually buying because their “no fancy names” approach means that all their products are titled by their key ingredients, leaving you puzzled and confused by what for example “niacinamide” might mean.

All-in-all this brand knows what it stands for and how it wants to be positioned in a crowded marketplace. Props to them for not giving into the typical “Instagram-worthy” packaging that so many brands do. But I will say this, its apothecary-style #packaging does blend well with the products on our shelves.