Simple, uncomplicated and effective

Go-To Skincare is an Australian skincare brand founded by beauty editor and author Zoë Foster Blake. Zoë decided to launch Go-To after spending many years reviewing all kinds of beauty products, from supermarket brands to the most expensive, renowned brands and finding a pretty decent gap in the market.

She determined that skincare was intimidating, complicated, and confusing for women, so she decided to launch Go-To, which was going to be the exact opposite of that - simple, way less stressful, and, most importantly, fun!

Zoë has managed to nail her products and everything that her products and brand stand for. While pretty much every other skincare brand is trying to accomplish a very “high-fashion” status, Go-To has stayed true to their brand voice by always adding some light-heartedness to their content.

With a slogan that promises “uncomplicated, effective, cruelty (and bullshit)-free skincare”, Go-To currently has an incredible 241,000+ followers on Instagram that yes, of course, love their products but also enjoy the brand’s witty and funny voice, peachy aesthetic and the odd mention of wine and cheese. The wordplay and bright packaging are a breath of fresh air to the skincare industry. Reading their posts and blog posts literally make you feel like you are speaking to your best friend.

Their content strategy is not only witty and personable, but it also aims to add so much value to their loyal followers and customers. The Go-To Instagram page and website are full of valuable content that aims to educate women on all things, beauty and skincare. In this day and age, consumers crave knowledge, guidance or interaction, and Go-To delivers all these things seamlessly.