Sustainability matters.

Après Studio is an independently run Australian brand that began in 2017, which describes itself as the "non-basic-basics” store. Après Studio don’t only sell extremely cool, equal parts funky and fashionable clothing, they are also an online store with a difference - they utilise 100% recycled materials, natural dyes, and organic cotton to put together their collections.

Essentially, all their clothing is ethically sourced and produced - they pride themselves in being friends with the makers of their garments and transparency is at the forefront of everything they do. Quality and longevity are also features that they commit to with every garment they create.

Okay, so what’s my point here? In short, it’s 2020 and let’s be real - sustainability matters.

Sustainability is an increasingly important issue as society becomes more environmentally and ethically focussed, especially in the business world. Making businesses more sustainable starts with being aware of the issue at hand and understanding just how important it is to make changes — both for the business and the planet.

Après Studio has had this at the forefront of their business strategy since day one. In fact, sustainability IS their business strategy. Businesses like Après Studio consider more than just their bottom line, they truly have a duty of care and consider its impact on society and the environment.

But in saying that, Sustainability in business isn’t just good for the environment at large - it’s also good for the business itself. Being a sustainable business has proven to have a great impact on profitability. Society is increasingly craving ethically sourced goods and services - customers who value sustainability are willing to pay a premium which in turn increases profitability for companies like Après and the suppliers from which they ethically source their goods.

We truly believe that we will start seeing more and more sustainable businesses pop up in the future - in fact, it is the future, and that is so great! Who doesn’t love looking fabulous whilst doing good!